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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Seven day juice fast - done

It is the dawn of my 'break fast' day  and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.  And with you.  Yes, you - especially to the Golden Door friends who have encouraged me.  Making the public commitment and blogging about the challenge has kept me very honest.  

Since my last blog update at the end of day four, things get easier.  I was worried about day five and cooking all day at the Omaka Classic Fighters airshow, but the long day goes surprisingly well - from a juice fast point of view anyway, as there is nothing easy about the day itself.  I put out 92  tasting plates, most of them in about two and a half hours.  I am so busy I don't get a toilet break until early afternoon: there is no time to dwell on food other than what I am cooking and plating.  Which is by all accounts, delicious.  No time for photos either!  If I ever needed an excessively large gin and tonic it is at the end of that day.   Alas, a green vegetable juice has to suffice. 

I eat the odd handful of berries or piece of fruit over the past three days - those things it makes no sense to juice - passionfruit or a fig, but that has been it.  I can see how people stay on this for much longer.  Actually no I can't.  Five days probably wouldn't be enough, but a week felt right, though now I feel I could do 10 days - but I won't.

How do I feel? How much weight did I lose I hear your clamorous voices ask.  I feel pretty darn good and the h-g, when prompted,  thinks I look lighter and my complexion looks brighter.  As of this morning I lost 2.5 kilos on the juice fast, so it isn't exactly The Biggest Loser, but it's 2.5 kilos I needed to lose.

For the next few days the wisdom is to ease back into solid foods and slowly add light protein, as well as to continue juicing, so today will be a combination of juice, salad and soup for me.  I am looking forward to crunching into one of the delicious apples off our tree.

Would I recommend a juice fast?  Yes, if you want a system clean out and a kick start to weight loss.  

Would I do it again?  Possibly - but not for fun and recreation!  I like cooking and eating too much.

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  1. I am impressed at how positive you are and amazed that you could cook for others while fasting. I imagine it would be torturous, but I didn't get that impression from your post at all. Were you drinking regular home made juice? or something with added "stuff" in it? I think it's a great idea to incorporate juices into your regular diet and to ease back slowly.